Draft Him, Not Him! (QB Edition)

There exists a website called Eat This, Not That! which gives practical advice on how to lose weight and eat healthier without going on an explicit diet. I love the concept enough that I wanted to translate it to Fantasy Football. Below is the first part in a four-part series of simple, practical drafting advice columns regarding players I would avoid in drafts this year, along with alternative solutions that are being drafted in later rounds.


Draft Him: Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
7th Round
Notes: Rumpelstiltskin is coming off a superb 2017 season from a fantasy perspective (the best of his career). With the Seattle defense likely to regress this year, he will be expected to work a little more of his magic to keep the team in games. He’s a more proven commodity than the pricier alternative…

NOT HIM: Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans
5th Round
He was stellar when given the reins as a rookie, but he is still somebody who has torn both ACLs during his playing career. Add that to the fact that teams now have game tape and an off-season to prepare, and the cost just isn’t justified.


Draft Him: Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
14th Round
He may have taken a step back from his rookie season to his sophomore campaign, but that was driven in part by Zeke’s suspension. Some may worry about the loss of Dez Bryant. However, from a fantasy perspective, that may result in addition by subtraction, as it forces Dak to scramble and make something out of nothing more frequently. Considering how cheap he is going for, he’s a better option than…

NOT HIM: Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers
10th Round
Call me a cynic, but I just do not buy the hype. I understand that Kyle Shanahan is a wizard, but between the relatively unimpressive receiving corps and the lack of game experience, I don’t think he meets the tremendous expectations.


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