1-3-1 Sports Field of 68 – February 26th

(Actual Bracket and Polls Posted Below)


The 1 Seeds

Indiana, Duke, Miami (FL), Florida

The 2 Seeds

Gonzaga, Michigan, Kansas, Michigan State

The 3 Seeds

Louisville, Georgetown, Arizona, New Mexico

The 4 Seeds

Syracuse, Kansas State, Marquette, Ohio State

The 5 Seeds

Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, Butler

The 6 Seeds

Saint Louis, Colorado State, UNLV, Notre Dame

The 7 Seeds

Oregon, Memphis, NC State, Illinois

The 8 Seeds

San Diego State, VCU, Oklahoma, Wichita State

The 9 Seeds

Minnesota, UCLA, Missouri, North Carolina

The 10 Seeds

Cincinnati, Colorado, Creighton, California

The 11 Seeds

Iowa State, Kentucky, La Salle, St. Mary’s (CA)

The 12 Seeds

Middle Tennessee, Temple, Villanova, Belmont, Virginia, Mississippi

The 13 Seeds

Akron, Louisiana Tech, Bucknell, Stephen F. Austin

The 14 Seeds

Valparaiso, Davidson, South Dakota State, Harvard

The 15 Seeds

Stony Brook, Montana, Long Beach State, Niagara

The 16 Seeds

Northeastern, Mercer, Robert Morris, Norfolk State, Southern, Charleston Southern




Last Four In

Temple, Villanova, Virginia, Mississippi

First Four Out

Boise State, Maryland, Southern Miss, Alabama

Next Four Out

Arizona State, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Iowa




Big East (8), Big Ten (7), Big 12 (5), A-10 (5), ACC (5), Pac-12 (5), SEC (4), MWC (4), MVC (2), WCC (2)

America East – Stony Brook

ACC – Duke, Miami (FL), NC State, North Carolina, Virginia

Atlantic Sun – Mercer

Atlantic 10 – Butler, Saint Louis, VCU, La Salle, Temple

Big East – Louisville,  Georgetown, Syracuse, Marquette, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Villanova

Big Sky – Montana

Big South – Charleston Southern

Big Ten – Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota

Big 12 – Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma,  Iowa State

Big West – Long Beach State

Colonial – Northeastern

Conference USA – Memphis

Horizon – Valparaiso

Ivy – Harvard

MAAC – Niagara

MAC – Akron

MEAC – Norfolk State

MVC – Wichita State, Creighton

MWC – New Mexico, Colorado State, UNLV, San Diego State

Northeast – Robert Morris

Ohio Valley – Belmont

Pac-12 – Arizona, Oregon, UCLA, Colorado, California

Patriot – Bucknell

SEC – Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi

Southern – Davidson

Southland – Stephen F. Austin

Summit – South Dakota State

Sun Belt – Middle Tennessee

SWAC – Southern

WAC – Louisiana Tech

WCC – Gonzaga, St. Mary’s (CA)



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 Bracket 2-25-13







  1. Kapil · August 9, 2013

    The research itlsef with be valuable. I personally cannot see letting a pile of rats loose in a minefield as producing effective results. I guess we’ll find out.I can understand some protests against using animals of higher intellectual capacity in experiments (I suppose some of you are aware of the experiment the Russians did separating a dogs head completely from its body to see how long it could be kept alive ?) I believe that those conducting such experiments in the present attempt to make scientific/experiments procedures as painless as possible for the animal.Guess what. There are thousands of individuals around the world that are suffering from what they consider a sort of artificially induced schizophrenia. That is, they believe that they are being targeted remotely through the use of some technology that manipulates their behaviour via conduction of voices into their heads. I believe a percentage of these individuals are not crazy and speaking the truth. They tend to blame the US government for the most part. I (being Canadian) hope this is not the case and find it discouraging. I have had light conversations with Dr. Michael Persinger and Dr. Nick Begich on such activity. They refuse to refute the possibility, yet are essentially helpless in what they can do. To their credit, they have maintained open minds and are willing to discuss such exotic sounding possibilities/problems. Most experts simply assume the bio/chem model and discard these people tin-foil hat’ group of conspiracy lunatics.I follow Ray due to the fact he has conducted plenty of work on helping those with physical disabilities (a very noble act). I personally look forward to the future evolution of cognitive’ technologies as they progressively become reality (BCI etc). It could very well help this small minority of artificially schizophrenic’ individuals find some answers and possible solutions to the affliction they face.Interesting stuff Raymond. Keep it up.

  2. Zuzanka · September 1, 2013

    For seeds lower than 4 it’s pretty much a maettr of luck if your team ends up in the region closest to home. The committee does their best to place every team closest to their areas of natural interest as possible, especially for the top seeds, but have to follow other procedures in building the bracket such as making sure there are no more than two teams from a conference in one region and that teams from the same conference don’t meet before the regional finals. Ultimately, the goal is to have the bracket as balanced as possible considering the overall quality of all the teams and to have them play as close to home as possible for the sake of allowing the fanbase to travel to the games.

  3. Issam · November 5, 2013

    May I use the image on my blog? On my non-profit’s web site, I write about housing iseuss, and am working on a big multi-part entry on post offices converted into other uses. I also grew up in Marblehead and remember going in to that post office when it *was* a post office if memory serves, it was converted in the mid-1980s. There are some free images of it, but yours is a nice one, and I plan to provide a link over to this page.David Smith

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