Games to Watch (1/4/2019)

Starting in 2019, I’m going to catalog the most tournament-relevant games to watch (if there are any) each night, along with the tip-off time, TV channel, and projected score of the game when input into my own personal game-scoring model. I will also revisit the projections from the day before to archive their accuracy.


Iowa (11-2) @ Purdue (8-5)

Projected Score: Purdue – 79, Iowa – 70
Actual Score: Purdue – 86, Iowa – 70

Minnesota (11-2) @ Wisconsin (10-3)

Projected Score: Wisconsin – 72, Minnesota – 63
Actual Score: Minnesota – 59, Wisconsin – 52

2019 Model Pick Record: 7-2


There are no currently tournament-relevant games being played today.


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